Stackable amber chip bead brass chain necklace


Wear whenever amber chip necklace. So stackable and lightweight.

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Lovely classic amber bead chain necklace with chip amber beads. Each amber bead is individually linked with brass wire. Lightweight and sturdy. Stackable with any other necklace. No clasp, fits over most heads. Please check out our store for other amber necklaces to stack with.
Price is for the amber necklace pictured.
Perfect for both men and women.

Length 66cm
Beads from 7-12mm
Weight 21g

The amber is from Chiapas, Mexico and is 100% natural and untreated. Mayan amber untreated can be found in colors much more diverse than the common yellow: Wine, honey, cognac, green (extremely rare) and blue, as well as beautiful translucent shades of aqua and violet. Mexican amber is especially well-known for its deep red, which is extremely uncommon in other amber-rich areas of the world.

Our Mexican amber is mined from the state of Chiapas, in Southern Mexico, where the veins running through the strata are estimated to be some 24-30 million years old. Here, the amber was formed from the resin of an ancient tropical tree (genus Hymenaec), the same genus of tree that produces the prized amber of the Dominican Republic. As a fossilized resin, amber is not a mineral substance like most other gems, and it is this organic quality that makes amber unique.

Sometimes seen as a poor man’s bronze, brass is an allow of copper and zinc and has a bright gold-like color. Similar to silver, brass has a low melting point, is easily workable, has good electrical conductivity, and even has anti-microbial effects. Famous for its use in instruments, brass has acoustic characteristics as well, making it a well-rounded and incredibly useful metal.



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