Black obsidian sphere bead chain necklace


Classic look. Black obsidian ball necklace.

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Rustic sphere obsidian bead chain necklace with tiger’s eye beads at the clasp. Each obsidian bead is hand made and unique. The beads are individually wired with metal wire and linked together in a chain to make a very sturdy necklace. Four pairs of cubed tiger’s eye beads are detailed at the clasp. Sterling silver clasp.

Necklace length: 64cm
Obsidian beads between 12x14mm and 16x15mm

The obsidian is from Jalisco, México and is 100% natural and untreated. In nahuatl—the language of the Aztecs—obsidian was know as itztli, which meant “divine stone”. Obsidian blades are some of the sharpest blades known to man, obsidian scalpels to this day are coveted as the finest blades for surgery. Obsidian is not a mineral, but a mineraloid. It is more closely associated with glass, and is formed, much like glass, by the rapid cooling of viscous, silica-rich lava.

Obsidian is found all over the world and all over Mexico. The third largest known deposit on the planet is located around the Tequila mountains just outside of Guadalajara. Obsidian has been used in an esoteric sense through scrying and divination. Black obsidian is a powerful grounding stone, and is said to absorb negative energy and help you activate your instinctual root chakra.

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