Brass plate carnelian choker


Agate and brass collar.


Three brass plates hung with African brass beads and red agate. Necklace is short and will be a choker on most necks. Each bead is individually wired with brass wire and attached in a chain to make a very durable piece of jewelry.
This choker is stackable so check out our other necklaces!

Necklace length: 39cm
Agate beads diameter 8mm
Brass plates approx 48 x 33mm

Sometimes seen as a poor man’s bronze, brass is an allow of copper and zinc and has a bright gold-like color. Similar to silver, brass has a low melting point, is easily workable, has good electrical conductivity, and even has anti-microbial effects. Famous for its use in instruments, brass has acoustic characteristics as well, making it a well-rounded and incredibly useful metal.

Agate stone is completely untreated and natural. Formed within the cavities of volcanos, agate is a metamorphic conglomeration of chalcedony and quartz. It is found all over the world in an incredible variety of colors. Used in jewelry in the Indus Valley as early a 3000 BC, agate is durable and resistant to scratching and chipping, and scores a 6.5-7 on the Mohs hardness scale, higher than even famously hard stones such as jade. It is known to be a calming stone, and can be used to clear the mind and sharpen muddled thoughts.

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