Fire opal Sterling silver ring


Beautiful fire opal set in a chunky silver ring.

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Thick hand made Sterling silver ring with natural Mexican fire opal in cantera. Fire opal has great color and is very clear with no fractures. Fire opal protrudes from the ring in its bezel. Ring band is hand-texturized and is rounded which makes the ring very comfortable to wear. Great for men and women.

Size US 7
Band width 7mm at thinnest, 14mm at widest.
Setting rises 7mm from the band, measures 12 x 8mm.
Ring is signed by artist and has a 9.25 Sterling silver stamp.

The ancient Mesoamericans saw the fire opal as a symbol of ardent love. Today it is known as the national gemstone of Mexico, and continues to be mined from the strata running through the now-dead volcanic mountains of the Mexican highlands.
Opals—known as “wet stones” because of their water content—are considered to be a kind of hardened jelly, which are formed when smoldering water from a volcanic eruption is instantly trapped inside silica rock and left to sit for millions of years. Opal is fragile and prolonged exposure to heat or light can damage the gem.  

Silver has antibiotic properties, it has the highest electrical conductivity of any metal, and of course, silver is incredibly malleable and polishes to a lustrous shine, making it ideal for jewelry.
Jewelry has traditionally been made of Sterling silver, composed of 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. This metal mixture, or alloy, maintains its form better than the relatively soft pure silver, doesn’t tarnish as easily, and has a higher melting point, making it good for tea pots and cookware as well.



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