Long stone and crystal stackable necklace


Long stone necklace.


This long natural stone necklace has fossilized corral, quartz, tiger’s eye, garnet and river stone beads linked on a sturdy brass chain. Long and well-made.
Looks great stacked up and by itself.

Length: 70cm (28 inches)
Fossil beads: 3×1.5×1.5cm
River stone beads: 2.5x2x0.5cm

Sometimes seen as a poor man’s bronze, brass is an allow of copper and zinc and has a bright gold-like color. Similar to silver, brass has a low melting point, is easily workable, has good electrical conductivity, and even has anti-microbial effects. Famous for its use in instruments, brass has acoustic characteristics as well, making it a well-rounded and incredibly useful metal.

This item ships from Mexico and takes 2-3 weeks to arrive.


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