Obsidian amethyst dangle earrings


Cool obsidian and amethyst earrings.

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Dangle earrings with three black obsidian beads wrapped in copper wire with an amethyst sphere. Hypoallergenic hooks. Obsidian is natural volcanic rock from Jalisco, Mexico, and has a mirror polish. Amethyst is a lovely dark purple color. It is roughly faceted and sparkles a little.

Earring length: 5.5cm
Obsidian beads: 5 x 10mm
amethyst bead: 5mm diameter

Birthstone of February, amethyst is a lilac variety of quartz. Its purple color is due to impurities of iron within the quartz crystal. The name comes from the Greek ‘not intoxicate,’ as the stone was rumored to protect its wearer from drunkeness. Medieval soldiers thought it would keep them cool-headed. It has been worn by bishops and cardinals and was thought of as a royal stone.

In nahuatl—the language of the Aztecs—obsidian was know as itztli, which meant “divine stone”. Obsidian blades are some of the sharpest blades known to man, obsidian scalpels to this day are coveted as the finest blades for surgery. Obsidian is not a mineral, but a mineraloid. It is more closely associated with glass, and is formed, much like glass, by the rapid cooling of viscous, silica-rich lava.

Obsidian is found all over the world and all over Mexico. The third largest known deposit on the planet is located around the Tequila mountains just outside of Guadalajara. Obsidian has been used in an esoteric sense through scrying and divination. Black obsidian is a powerful grounding stone, and is said to absorb negative energy and help you activate your instinctual root chakra. 

Copper is the metal of Venus, the planet of love. This essential metal is known to help purify the body of toxins. It is also said to help with arthritis and joint problems.



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