Opal rosewood silver art ring


Interesting square rosewood ring with fire opal.

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Hand made Mexican fire opal and rosewood ring with Sterling silver. Opal is clear of imperfections and has red, yellow, green and blue rainbow colors. Very top quality stone. Opal protrudes from the beautifully carved wooden band in a silver bezel. Wood ring is square shaped with rounded sides and has a comfortable inlaid silver band. Great for men and women.

Size: US 9.5
Band width: 9mm
Band thickness from finger: 5mm on sides and bottom, 7mm on top
Setting rises 3mm from the band, measures 6 x 5mm.

The ancient Mesoamericans saw the fire opal as a symbol of ardent love. Today it is known as the national gemstone of Mexico, and continues to be mined from the strata running through the now-dead volcanic mountains of the Mexican highlands.

Opals—known as “wet stones” because of their water content—are considered to be a kind of hardened jelly, which are formed when smoldering water from a volcanic eruption is instantly trapped inside silica rock and left to sit for millions of years. Opal is fragile and prolonged exposure to heat or light can damage the gem.  

Rosewood refers to a variety of different woods all over the world that have a rich color and often darker veins that give it an attractive appearance. Although referring to many different woods, all rosewoods are strong and dense, reach a brilliant polish, and are well-suited for making instruments, furniture, decorative items and of course jewelry.

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