Silver and gold hashtag ring band


For men and women.

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Expertly crafted Sterling silver ring band with gold details. Ring has 5 indented hashtag-like alternating symbols that are separated by 4 bands of gold. The gold bands are raise from the silver surface of the ring. Perfect for men and women.

Size: US 9.75.
Band width: 9mm

Ring is signed by artist and has a 9.25 Sterling silver stamp.

Silver has antibiotic properties, it has the highest electrical conductivity of any metal, and of course, silver is incredibly malleable and polishes to a lustrous shine, making it ideal for jewelry.

Jewelry has traditionally been made of Sterling silver, composed of 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. This metal mixture, or alloy, maintains its form better than the relatively soft pure silver, doesn’t tarnish as easily, and has a higher melting point, making it good for tea pots and cookware as well.

Gold is famous for its unique red-yellow color, the fact that its soft and malleable, and that it is found as easily processed nuggets or grains, all of this making it the most well-known and sought after metal on Earth. Gold means “glow”, which is obvious enough, but gold is more than what it’s name implies: chemically it pretty much doesn’t corrode and it is resistant to most acids. It also has high electrical conductivity.

Gold is a relatively rare element, and considered a precious metal that had been used for coinage, art and jewelry, and in industry, stretching back to prehistory. It was the first metal used by humans: Small amounts of natural gold were found in Spanish caves dated to be in use by humans 40,000 years ago. 



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