Unique turquoise rosewood art ring


Conversation piece wooden ring with turquoise.

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Unique hand made wooden ring with natural beautiful quality blue turquoise stone in a Sterling silver setting. Fine clear sky-blue turquoise is bezeled atop a carved wooden protrusion from the ring band. Wood is a soft and comfortable rosewood. Definite conversation piece. Great for men and women.

Size US 7
Band width 7mm at thinnest.
Setting rises 15mm from the band
Turquoise measures 8 x 10mm

The birthstone of December, turquoise is rare and extremely valuable in its finer grades, as it is geologically a very precious stone. Generally speaking, the more pure and bright the blue color of turquoise, the higher the quality. It can also be green with black or orange streaks and veins. Turquoise rates just under 6 on the Moh’s scale of hardness, making it a little bit harder than glass.

Rosewood refers to a variety of different woods all over the world that have a rich color and often darker veins that give it an attractive appearance. Although referring to many different woods, all rosewoods are strong and dense, reach a brilliant polish, and are well-suited for making instruments, furniture, decorative items and of course jewelry.

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